Latin Quarter

The Latin Quarter is an area with a long history. The Romans came here in 52 BC. The Cluny Museum is a well preserved remaining of that period. In the 12th century, the University of Paris was housed in the Notre Dame area and The Sorbonne (university) was founded. Latin became the official language till 1793. Nowadays the Latin Quarter is full with (student)cafes, restaurants and small shops.

Attractions in the Latin Quarter

– The Pantheon: huge church and mausoleum
– The Sorbonne: the University of Paris
– Musee de Cluny: medieval artifacts, important tapestries
– Luxembourg Gardens: second largest public park in Paris
– Saint-German-des-Pres: oldest church and many luxury shops and restaurants
– Cafe de Flore is a famous cafe on the Boulevard Saint-Germain.


– Metro line 10, station ‘Cluny – La Sorbonne’.
– RER B, station ‘St Michel – Notre Dame’.
(RER is a metro which serves the suburbs of Paris)

Paris Hotels Latin Quarter

The three star hotel Cluny Square is in the middle of the Latin Quarter. Closeby are Musee de Cluny and Luxembourg Garden. To the metro station is 150 metres. Distance to the Notre Dame is 7 minutes walking. More than 1915 reviews (7.7). Hotel Agora Saint-Germain has a classic design. The property is 500 meters from Notre Dame Cathedral. More than 2040 reviews (8.1).

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