Thalys train

Thalys high-speed train

thalys in paris nord
The Thalys is an international train between Paris, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Every Thalys has three carriages in Comfort 1 (39 seats) and four carriages in Comfort 2 class (56 seats). In the middle of the train is the bar carriage with 16 seats. The Thalys is a very good alternative for a flight to Brussels or Amsterdam.

Destinations from Paris

– Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels, Bruges)
– Netherlands (Rotterdam, Amsterdam)
– Germany (Aachen, Cologne)
– France (Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, Valence, Marseille)

Travel time

– Paris – Brussels: takes 1h.20 minutes
– Paris – Rotterdam: takes 2h.35 minutes
– Paris – Cologne: takes 3h. 15 minutes
– Paris – Amsterdam: takes 3h.18 minutes

Fares Paris – Amsterdam (one-way)

Cheapest fares (€40) are economy tickets in Comfort 2 class. These fares depends on availability and must be booked 15-30 days before departure. Other 2nd class fares range from €60 – €140. A fully flexible ticket cost €204-€254 and is only available for Comfort 1. Refreshments are included in Comfort 1 train tickets and served at your seat.

Train services

– Internet access is free of charge in Comfort 1 but there is a charge in Comfort 2. (60 min for 6.50€ or unlimited access for €13).
– Breakfast, lunch or dinner is included in the price for Comfort 1 passengers and served at your seat.
– At the Thalys Bar it is possible to eat a meal.
– Passengers in Comfort 1 can recharge their mobile phones using electric sockets.

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